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The Australian Mining Association ("AMA") is an industry association in Australia, with members ranging over the whole mining industry, working alongside related organizations in Australia and overseas and co-operates wherever possible with them. Expansion to include related organisations in additional countries is planned.


Members are welcome from all sectors of the Australian and Chinese mining industries, whether you represent a service provider, a government body or any mineral. We are an Association of representative bodies in Australia and China, so any representative body interested in becoming a Member should make contact and advise your interest. A Membership Form is available on application.

Latest News and Events

Belt and Road Forum

"In accordance with the One Belt, One Road Initiative of the Chinese Government, AMA’s representative attended the 'Belt and Road Forum' in Beijing on 14 May 2017. Following this Forum the attached recognition was provided to AMA for its ongoing role, which recognition is an honour and is greatly appreciated by AMA, which will continue to work with the Chinese Government in mining projects, particularly in Australia and in Bangladesh." - George Edwards English

Corporate Risk Management - Interview

Mr George Edwards, Chairman of the Australian Mining Association (AMA) and mining industry veteran who formerly owned three coal mines in Australia and serves as a senior adviser for mining to the Chinese government tells us that most commodities will remain downtrodden for the rest of this decade. Read the interview.

George Edwards making Opening Speech George Edwards making Opening Speech
Sue Border asking questions after VALMIN lecture Sue Border asking questions after VALMIN lecture
Prof Yan discussing various Chinese mineral standards used Prof Yan discussing various Chinese mineral standards.
Most of the Course delegates Most of the Course delegates

Beijing Minerals Course

From 26 to 28 June 2015 a trial Course was run in Beijing under the Memorandum of Understanding between AMA and the Mineral Industry Consultants Association. Topics covered were JORC, VALMIN, Chinese SD Methodology, Chinese National Standards and Regional Stock Exchange requirements. George Edwards and Sue Border were the overseas lecturers. Over 20 senior Chinese mineral resource professionals attended. The Course is registered with the Chinese Government and the Course will now be conducted in the Provinces and internationally. MICA’s Consultants Handbook is being translated into Chinese for use in the Courses for delegates and for sales. AMA receives a profit share from these Courses. Attached are photos from the initial course.

Methods for Defining Reserves and Resources and Valuing Projects and Mines


6 月26-28 日,由北京恩地公司举办的合资格人培训班参讲人员有:严铁雄(国土资源部高级咨询 中心、中国地质勘查规范总则(GB)总撰稿人),GeorgeEdwards(澳大利亚矿业专家协会主席、澳 大利亚矿业联合会主席、新南威尔士大学矿业学位评审委员会主席),刘益康(原中国冶金地质勘 查工程总局总工程师、境外矿产勘查资深专家),Sue Border(澳大利亚地质学家协会及澳大利亚矿 业冶金协会院士,),童军虎(中国黄金集团、澳大利亚矿业冶金协会院士),唐长钟(北京恩地 公司、澳大利亚矿业冶金协会院士、中国储量SD 标准原创)等。

参加本次培训的学员包括:国土资源部相关部门人员,矿业权评估师协会相关人员,国土资源部评 审中心相关人员,国/央企地勘、评估等服务机构人员。为保证合资格人质量,报名初审合格后通知 缴费。联系人:史佳莹18610323989

26 -28 June, China SD will organize a training course for competent persons. The speakers are:

TieXiong Yan:Senior Consulting Centre, Ministry of Land and Resources of the PRC; Chief Editor of China Geology Exploration Guidebook

George Edwards: Past President of The AusIMM ; Executive Chairman of the Australian Mining Association; Chairman of Mineral Industry Consultant’s Association; Past Chairman of UNSW Key Center for Mines

YiKang Liu: Ex Chief Engineer of China Metallurgical Geology Exploration Bureau, Expert in foreign mining exploration

Sue Border: Owner of Major Australian Minerals Industry Consultancy; Fellow of Australian Institute of Geoscientists and The AusIMM

JunHu Tong: China Gold Group, Fellow of The AusIMM

ChangZhong Tang: China SD, Fellow of The AusIMM, Founder of China mining reserve SD method

Trainees are from: Ministry of Land and Resources of the PRC, Chinese Association of Mineral Resources Appraisers, Ministry of Land and Resources of the PRC Evaluation Office, exploration and evaluation specialist from SOEs.

The trainees will receive attendance certificate after passing pre-qualification interview.

Contact person: JiaYing Shi +8618610323989

Jiangxi Delegation

Jiangxi Province Delegation in Sydney

Photo of Jiangxi Province Delegation in Sydney on 21 December 2014. Mr Li BingJun, Deputy-Provincial Governor of Jiangxi Province is standing between George Edwards and Paul Qian of AMA.

Photo of Qld Minister Andrew Cripps after speaking at APRC2014 Conference on 18 November 2014.
Left to right Liu YiKang, Michael Catchpole, Gao WenQi, Minister Cripps, George Edwards, Li Hui, Paul Qian and Tang ChangZhong.

Photo of Paul Qian(AMA), Eddie Grieve(ASX), George Edwards(AMA) and Prof. Jian Yang(RenMin University of China).


The Australian Mining Association (AMA) held its first Asia Pacific Resources Conference (APRC2014) in Brisbane, immediately after the G20 Meeting on 18 & 19 November 2014. APRC2014 was a high level China-focused Conference with themes (Green Mining and Chinese Investment) that are currently important to the Chinese Government and to people dealing with China. The conference was very successful and attracted senior speakers from both Australia and China. Speakers included Hon Andrew Cripps MP, Queensland Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Mr. WenQi Gao, Deputy Consul-General of the Consulate General of The People's Republic of China, Mr John Price, ASIC Commissioner, Mr ChangZhong Tang, Chairman, Beijing Precious Metals Exchange, Mr Eddie Grieve, Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Mr Li Hui, Party Secretary, China Rail Resources Group and Mr Michael Catchpole, Chief Executive Officer, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Copies of papers may be obtained by emailing George Edwards (AMA Chairman).

Queensland Government embraces APRC 2014 Conference

The Queensland Government has embraced the APRC 2014 Conference from the Premier, to Ministers and to Senior Public Servants, culminating in a supporting letter from the Premier. Queensland is a major mineral producing and exporting State of Australia and appreciates the benefits of this industry to Queensland. There are significant environmentally friendly projects in Queensland, as well as governmental-backed initiatives designed to increase awareness of how to be more environmentally friendly.
Letter from Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland
Letter from Gary Gray, Minister for Resources and Energy

China Rubber Industry Association visit Sydney

Ms. Yali Deng, Chairman of China Rubber Industry Association, visited our office in Sydney with a delegation from China. We agreed to have further co-operation in the field of industry standards and investment opportunities etc.

Meeting between the CCGNPC Uranium Resources Co, AMA and ASX Australia.

Mr Zhi Ping Yu, Mr Jian Hua Xin, Dr Wen Ming Dong, and Mr Wei Dong of the CCGNPC Uranim Resources Co. Ltd along with Mr George Edwards and Mr Paul Qian of AMA met with the Mr Eddie Grieve, Mr James Posnett and Mr David Barnett of ASX Australia in the head office of ASX in Sydney.

CMA's annual Tianjin Conference

CMA is holding its annual Tianjin Conference from 4-6 November 2012 to formally launch AMA in China, where there will be opportunities for selected AMA Members to speak. This conference may be accessed through CMA's website, www.chinaminingtj.org.

China Mining Association delegation in Australia

Mr Wang Jia Hua, Executive Vice Chairman of the China Mining Association, led a delegation to Australia from 2nd to 8th September 2012. The attached photo shows Mr Wang and Mr Edwards discussing matters of mutual interest to CMA and AMA during the visit, including the upcoming Tianjin Mining Conference in November, where Mr Edwards will be one of three invited international speakers.

China Mining Association and Tianjin Mining Exchange meet ASX

Mr Wang Jia Hua, Executive Vice President of China Mining Association and Mr Li Ji, President of Tianjin Mining Exchange, and their delegation met with the General Manager of ASX, Mr Will Wilson and Mr Eddie Grieve, Senior Manager - Listing Business Development, to discuss matters related to listing of mineral companies, the raising of capital, supporting junior miners and future co-operation.

Commercial Representative Office for the Government of South Australia meetings

Mr Zhang Qi and Mr Paul Qian of AMA have assisted the Commercial Representative Office for the Government of South Australia by arranging a meeting in Sydney with a Director of the Board for "Australia China Business Council", the Vice Chairman of the "Hong Kong Australia Business Association" and the Secretary of Australia Chinese Language Schools Association Incorporated with a delegation from the Binzhou Municipal of China, which included the Vice Mayor, The Director of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Affairs, The Director General for Bureau of Forestry, Director General of husbandry Bureau , Director General of the Finance Bureau and The Board Chairman for Huaying Flowers and Trees Technology Co Ltd.

George E. Edwards awarded MICA Medal

George E. Edwards, Executive Chairman of Australian Mining Association, won the fourth MICA Medal in "recognition of outstanding continuous service to MICA since its inception in 1982 and to The AusIMM for almost 50 years".

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